Angrily mob dragged a old man from his house and kill, over a false rumor

Angrily mob dragged a old man from his house and kill, over a false rumor

Face of India’s politics was never so ugly as it has become in now days .Two days before yesterday Few ill minds hyped a complete unverified and amiss rumor in order to archived their filthy objective which they succeed to spread across the village without even facing a bit of hardship

Unfortunately their evil plank lead to the death of a 50 year aged man and serious injured the death man’s son .Police has been investigating the case and achieved some progress so far

The incident took place at a Bisara village of Utter Pradesh when few villager allegedly spark a unverified news that Mohammed Akhlaq a village residents has beef’s meat in his fridge and he has been consumed it few hours before .The same people who played major role spreading the rumor went to the nearest Temple and announce the same rumor over the Temple’s mike, as people got the Temple massage they came out angrily and gathered at a place of village ,they lined up to enter the Akhlaq’s house in order to teach him a lesson ,they snatched him along with his 24 year old son
Akhlaq succumbed on the spot while his son is still fighting for the life in hospital .Police has arrested six culprits so far and searching four more accuse

Bisara’s village people informed village has not such kind of background infect, it has never seen this kind of communal incident ever before, around 30 Muslim family are living here with us calmly since generation to generation.

Story by- Syed Kamran Ali